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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sweet and Delicious Xmas Cakes.

Xmas cakes have been a part of traditions of Catholics in countries that were once British colonies. These cakes are made with dried fruits and can be made in a lot of ways. Some cakes are plain while others are extraordinary. There are cakes that are spongy and there are heavier cakes as well. These cakes are traditionally made at Christian homes and consumed on Christmas Eve. There are cakes in the cake-shops that will take you over with desires. Christmas cakes can also be made of minced-meat and vegetables and can be baked like puddings.
Christmas cakes are made in all sorts of shapes and can be light cake or a dusky one. They can be leavened or otherwise and can be moist or be completely wet and sticky. These cakes can reach new frontiers of cake decorations as they have a huge scope for decorations. There is Santa made of candy standing atop cakes and there are elves dancing by his side as well. There are Christmas trees made of whipped cream and then there are decorated houses standing over cakes as well. Glazing and dusting make the cakes more delicious and alluring. There are cakes made with various liquors like Kahlua, Cointreau and sometimes even Rum, this gives the cake that flavor that is extremely luscious.
These cakes are fruity and full of dried fruits and fresh fruit extracts. These cakes have currants, raisins, almonds, and mostly made moist. Xmas cakes are had with cheese and wine in most of the houses. The Whisky Dundee is the most famous Xmas cake. They were first made in Scotland with the whisky and have a tingling taste. The apple christmas wedding cakes are extremely popular among the masses and extremely among kids. Simple Xmas cakes are sponge cakes that are light in weight and are frosted and then dusted with icing sugar. The smell of baking Xmas cakes can arouse your senses and take you to the realms of heaven and serenade your taste buds with the flavors of Christmas.    

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