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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Cookies and Christmas.

People from all over the world bake cookies for Christmas; they distribute the cookies among family and friends. Christmas cookies, traditionally, are simple sugar-cookies, but people do make cookies that are extravagant in appearance and in choice of ingredients. Christmas cookies become a part of family traditions and it carries on with the progeny.

These cookies are exquisitely shaped and symbolize the Christmas season, with various shapes that depict the Christmas time. There are cookies that are shaped like reindeers and then there are cookies shaped like Santa as well, they are also cut in the shape of various leaves. The cookie traditions began in the medieval age, in Europe. It was the time when imports were increasing and Europe had laid its hand on spices, so, a lot of new flavors were introduced and the cookies were laced with flavors of cinnamon, black pepper among other exquisite spices. Biscuits soon became well known across Europe and it was quickly incorporated into the Christmas traditions. Different cookies were preferred in different countries, Germans preferred lebkuchen while the Swedes preferred the ones made with pepper.
The cookies were introduced to United States by the Dutch settlers in 17th century and it was an instant rage. There were a lot of restrictions on imports earlier but they were slowly relaxed and people could buy cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes. These cookie cutters are used extensively today as we get cookies of innumerable designs. There are various cookbooks that are dedicated exclusively to recipes of various Christmas cookies. These books have traditional recipes along with cotemporary recipes that help you make the cookie of your choice. These cookies can also be bought from the stores but it is better to have them made at home, so to have that touch of homely goodness.
Children keep the Christmas cookies with a glass of milk for the Santa on Christmas night; the cookies cease to be mere eatables as they have advertently become an integral part of Christmas traditions across the world.

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