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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Pudding

The tradition of Christmas pudding has its roots in medieval England. The pudding is made of dried fruits and is very basic. Most of the families have their own tradition to follow on making the Christmas puddings, recipes that have been passed on through generations. However, nothing stops you from improvising your recipes. Christmas puddings are to be served at lunch on Christmas’ eve. 
Here is a lip-smacking pudding recipe:
Ingredients: Here is a list of items you need to have in order to begin with the preparations:
·        Flour
·        Suet
·        Oranges
·        Lime
·        Apple
·        Eggs
·        Cinnamon powder
·        Nutmeg powder
·        Bread crumbs
·        Sugar
·        Golden syrup
·        Salt
·        Lemon zest
·        Local brandy
·        Carrot
The Method: To serve four, mix 3 ounces of flour and 5 ounces of bread crumbs and 5 ounces of suet in a bowl and let it set for a while. Beat the eggs and then add it to the flour mixture for better results. Then add finely grated apples to the mixture, and then extract the juices of an orange and a lime onto the mixture. Keep mixing well so as to have an even consistency. Mix well after adding every ingredient. Then add the golden syrup or treacle (it is also called molasses) and grate the carrots and then add them to the mixture and mix well. It is time to add sugar and the lemon zest and the salt. Then stir well again before adding a tablespoon of brandy and mix it again.
Just make the whole bowl airtight with a plastic wrap and let it stay overnight in the fridge. Before starting to cook the mixture, get your moulds of desired shape ready and cover it with grease proof paper so that the mixture doesn’t get stuck in the moulds. Cover the surface of the proof paper with butter and then keep adding the mixture to the pudding moulds. Place limited amount of moulds in the cooker, you don’t want to overfill the cooker and make a mess of the pudding. Let it cool and they are ready to serve. And yeah all this while keep your thoughts fixed on the Ultimate so that the food gets divinized and have its effect on people who eat it, as we know that thoughts have the power to effect everything.            

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