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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Santa Claus and Christmas (Part 2)

The curiosity in knowing where Santa Claus lives when Christmas is done led various writers to write about where he came from, they said that he was based in North Pole but as the modern world came to know about the hostile environment of the North Pole and how desisted from life it was decided to make Finland the base of Santa, the eastern frontiers of Finland. The place looks like ears and symbolize the attention of Santa on the well-being of the world’s children. Children love Santa more than anything as they flood Santa’s base with letters pouring their hearts into it and sometimes also get a reply from their Hero. The legend of Santa Claus that slowly made its way into North America and through it to the world is a combination of various European as well as American legends. The personification of Santa as an immortal figure who only has children’s welfare on his mind   and who dresses in red and who has white beard and rides on a carriage driven by reindeers is a quintessential element of modern Christmas experience. Various other attributes complete the pot-belly carrying distributor of happiness.     
The affiliation of Santa with Christmas is at an extreme today as the world encounters intense commercialization of Christmas. The million hoardings, the million advertisements on television all depend on Santa to promote their products. Children are vulnerable to the machinations of the capitalism driven world. The gifts of joy are independent of physical goods and children need to know this in this age where sharing of resources is the need of the hour as without sharing of happiness with your neighbors and citizens of the world, true Christmas cannot be enlivened. We should know that the joy and happiness of Christmas should not be restricted to the boundaries of our homes. So, by staying true to the spirit of Santa, we should spread happiness to one and all.  

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