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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Carol Costumes

Christmas carol costumes can be worn for Christmas parties and other costume parties. These costumes are from the Victorian era and they reflect the way of living of people in the nineteenth century. The class discrimination in the society was still prevalent, and the clothes portrayed the divide of the rich and the poor. The rich wore expensive dresses made of layered fabrics with elaborate designs while the poor wore clothes that looked ragged.
In order to be in proper attire you need to look for the costumes at various costume stores and pick the one that fits you and makes you look like a 19th century carol singer. You can turn up as a group of carol singers with all your family dressed in Christmas carol costumes. Christmas carols are an integral part of the Christmas traditions and act as an ideal Christmas costume. You can choose to be the characters from the various plays, there are many famous plays in which carol singers dress in different costumes, you can pick the best Christmas carol costumes by reading the various books and by watching some period movies.
Women have innumerable choices to choose their carol costume from; they can wear dresses that have swollen sleeves and circular necks. The hat was a common thing to wear among ladies then, the hats had ribbons which were tied to the chin. The bodices were a significant part of the whole attire. The hair has to be curled to make your appearance look authentic and you can drape yourself with a shawl to have that look, you can also use ribbons and laces to elevate the appeal of the dress. Men have a lot of options as well to choose the right costume for a Christmas carol costumes party; they can wear a silk scarf under a raised collar of the shirt from the Victorian era, they can choose to wear a black hat and trousers that are not too brightly colored or too dull.
Christmas carols costumes are not hard to find, you can always improvise with your old clothes to turn them into interesting costumes.   

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